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Often, concrete slabs, surfaces or structures become unlevel and damaged due to failure of the substrate beneath. This means the dirt under the concrete has eroded and simply worn away, leaving a void. The concrete lacks support, so it sags into this void, causing cracks and other damage. Replacing the concrete would also necessitate filling in the void, adding to your repair costs.

Inline Concrete leveling concrete with foam diagram

Concrete void filling with polyurethane foam is a much better solution. Inline Concrete can inject our Foamjection liquid foam deep underneath your concrete to fill voids and provide the necessary stabilization. The foam expands before it becomes solid, adding erosion control measures as well as the vital support to lift and hold the concrete.

Filling the void underneath the concrete lifts and levels the structure, adding stabilization that will not deteriorate or erode. And there is no messy, destructive process. Your existing concrete is preserved, and we only need to drill a few small holes, which are filled after the job is complete. Concrete void filling is much faster and far cheaper than replacing your concrete and adding fill dirt.

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Cracked, damaged or unlevel concrete surfaces can be completely restored with polyurethane foam leveling and void filling. View some of our recent projects to see how fast, affordable concrete leveling and void filling made a huge difference in these clients’ homes and businesses.

  • Before and after leveling concrete steps on a condo building in Minneapolis MN by Inline Concrete
  • Before and after leveling of concrete front steps in Minneapolis, MN
  • Before and after leveling concrete pavers in Minneapolis, MN done by Inline Concrete
  • Leveling concrete sidewalk in Minneapolis, MN
  • Inline Concrete leveling concrete stairs in front of Minnesota home


Inline Concrete serves the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro area
Inline Concrete serves the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN metro area